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Q: How big will Walnut Grove be and how many homes will it have?
A: Walnut Grove will be spread over about 60 scenic acres with 180 homes. There will also be over 90,000 square feet of commercial space.

Q: Can I afford to live in Walnut Grove?
A: At Walnut Grove you will find various types of homes with various lifestyle and budgets in mind. This range takes into consideration people of different ages and life stages—including singles and families.

Q: What will the commercial area of Walnut Grove include?
A: Walnut Grove’s commercial area will incorporate a mix of professional businesses, boutique retail shops and restaurants. Our beautifully landscaped Market Square, parks and civic venues will be available for public use, making Walnut Grove a shopping, dining, and event destination for our entire region.

Q: What will the homes look like? What kind of style?
A: We have 12 different home styles, and multiple options for each style. The majority of the homes in Walnut Grove will be Acadian or Creole in nature. Other styles similar to those found in historic “Garden District” neighborhoods throughout Louisiana will add to the timeless feeling.

Q: What do you mean when you say Walnut Grove is supposed to look like it’s been there for 100 years?
A: The best way to describe this is by using the term ‘timeless architecture.’ The style of Walnut Grove is not one you can just pick out of any era of time. With the mixture of home styles that are pulled from different periods of history, Walnut Grove will feel like a place that has evolved naturally, over a long period of time.

Q. Can my real estate agent help me buy a home in Walnut Grove?
A. Certainly. Walnut Grove property is listed with the regional MLS (Multiple Listing Service) and we welcome all real estate agents. If you do not have an agent, we offer the services of W. G. Realty Company, which operates under the direction of broker Steve Floyd. Call (337) 497-0825 for more information.

Q: How do I go about choosing a home in Walnut Grove?
A: The first step is to choose the home plan that best fits your needs and lifestyle. Walnut Grove offers a variety of homes for sale in various prices ranges that are meant to fit every stage of your family’s life. Each of these homes has been specifically designed with certain lot types in mind. This is to make sure that each home has the correct set back and ideal lot conditions for its particular style. Once you have done this and met with a member of our sales team—it’s on to the design process! (link to the process) *

Q: What does the Walnut Grove Design Team do?
A: The Walnut Grove Design Team is a member of your own personal design team. Their purpose is to guide you through the process of creating a home that best fits your needs and reflects you while making the experience a positive one. Their job is to maintain the standards set forth in the Walnut Grove Design Guidelines to ensure that all the reasons you fell in love with Walnut Grove remain in place.

Q: What about home financing?
A: Walnut Grove has developed a working relationship with First Federal Bank of Louisiana, one of our first commercial tenants, to offer competitive mortgage programs and also provide excellent, on-site service. They are familiar with our homes and our requirements. However, we will be happy to work with the lender of your choice.

Q: Does Walnut Grove have a preferred home insurance provider?
A: Walnut Grove has partnered with First Federal’s Insurance Team to ensure that you get all the information you need to successfully manage the risks associated with your home or business. First Federal Insurance Services is a full service agency representing many insurance carriers.

Q: Will there be Home Owners’ Association dues and if so, what will they be?
A: Yes. They will be between $800 – $1100 annually.

Q: What building requirements are you following for flood prevention?
A: “The Base Flood Elevation,” which is the minimum level at which the first floor living space of a home must be built for flood insurance purposes, is required to be at 10 feet in the vicinity of Walnut Grove. We’ve gone beyond this minimum requirement, and all of our homes will be built with at least an 11-foot base flood elevation. This is more than 1.5 feet above the highest flood water every experienced in Lake Charles.

Q: Will individual lots be available for sale?
A: Yes, but not in Part 1 of Walnut Grove development. In this phase, each available home style has been specifically designed with certain lot types in mind. This is to ensure that each home has the correct set back and ideal lot conditions for its particular style. In future parts of the neighborhood, we will offer estate lots that can accommodate custom homes approved by our Design Review Board.

Q: What is the overall design plan for Walnut Grove in regard to home sizes?
A: Our goal is create a community that looks and feels as if it evolved naturally over time, the way towns did in the past. Most communities evolved from a town center, with a core of businesses and smaller homes fanning out around it. As the community grew, so did the distance between properties, with larger pieces of property spreading out from the town center. Typically, the lots and homes farthest away from the town center were the largest.

Our construction plan includes several distinct districts. The Walnut Grove Urban Core district is the densest area in the development, and the part that we are developing first. It will be our town center, the epicenter of social gatherings and events. This is where our civic and commercial buildings are located, incorporating retail, restaurants and office space, along with residential properties in closer proximity to each other.

Next will come our Neighborhood Center district, in which the focus will be primarily on residential property with a minimum of other potential uses. The lot sizes become larger and less dense in this phase of development.

Our Garden District is the least dense area of Walnut Grove and is exclusively residential, with large, expansive lots. We will seek to retain a scenic and spacious quality, with deeper setbacks along the edges of each lot, creating a wide edge of landscaped green space along the streets, providing a beautiful, natural setting for these homes.

Q: What schools can my children attend if we live in Walnut Grove?
A: You’ll have several public and private options, all less than four miles away:
Barbe Elementary School
S. J. Welsh Middle School
LaGrange High School

Our Lady Queen of Heaven School (K-8)
Immaculate Conception Cathedral School (K-8)
Episcopal Day School (K-8)
St. Margaret Catholic School (K-8)
Hamilton Christian Academy (K-12)
St. Louis High School (9-12)

1575 West Sallier Street, Lake Charles, LA 70601 ~ 337-497-0825 ~ info@walnutgrove.cc

Walnut Grove