Walnut Grove

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Everyone who enters The Majestic Hall immediately comments on the beautiful wood block floor. Made of end grain mesquite hardwood from Kaswell Flooring System, it looks deceptively soft, but is actually among the most durable and resilient flooring surfaces available. End grain flooring is made by continuously cross cutting or slicing logs or cants into blocks or rounds, with the annual growth rings exposed on every piece. This becomes the wearing surface of the floor, versus vertical wooden planks that are cut for most typical wooden floors. End grain blocks are so strong, they were once used as street pavers in the1800s.

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Mesquite itself is one of the most beautiful and enduring hardwoods available. Its hardness and stability make it one of the best choices for end grain flooring. Over 38,000 individual blocks of end grain mesquite were laid to create the floor of The Majestic Hall.

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1575 West Sallier Street, Lake Charles, LA 70601 ~ 337-497-0825 ~ info@walnutgrove.cc

Walnut Grove