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A hallmark of true Traditional Neighborhood Developments (TNDs) is that they are planned to be pedestrian friendly.

A traditional neighborhood development, or TND, combines many community elements with the overriding characteristics of variety, convenience and ambiance.

Instead of relying on only one or two main styles of homes, a TND encourages a variety of architecture and sizes, enabling people in a wide range of ages and income levels to be part of the community.

By having both residential and commercial spaces, residents have the convenience of visiting nearby restaurants, shops, and other businesses within their own neighborhood.

Carefully designed public spaces, as well as adherence to community guidelines for homes creates a warm, welcoming feeling for all to enjoy.

There are 13 widely accepted characteristics for a TND; Walnut Grove is designed with these in mind:

1. The neighborhood has a discernible center; it is often a green space open to the public or a memorable street corner.

2. Most of the homes are within a five-minute walk from the center.

3. There are a variety of home styles included, ideal for younger and older, singles and families, and those of both modest and generous means.

4. At the edge of the neighborhood, shops and offices are found to supply the weekly needs of the household.

5. A small building is permitted within the backyard of each home. It may be used as a separate living, or rental space.

6. If possible, an elementary school is close enough so that most children can walk from their home.

7. Small playgrounds are accessible to the homes.

8. Streets within the neighborhood form a connected network.

9. Streets are relatively narrow, designed to slow traffic and encourage walking and bicycling.

10. Buildings in the neighborhood center are placed close to the street, creating a well-defined outdoor room.

11. Parking lots and garage doors rarely front the street. Parking is relegated to the rear of buildings, usually accessed by alleys.

Development Codes

At Walnut Grove we are dedicated to creating a public realm that supports a warm, inviting and beautiful community. Our development codes assist in this endeavor by governing the exterior look and feel of the structures as well as the public realm within Walnut Grove.

1575 West Sallier Street, Lake Charles, LA 70601 ~ 337-497-0825 ~ info@walnutgrove.cc

Walnut Grove