Walnut Grove

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Lake Charles overlooks a brackish lake that boasts natural beauty and abundant wildlife.

  • lily pads adorn the bayou
  • crane in the contraband bayou
  • sunset over lake charles
  • a variety of wildlife live in and around lake charles
  • ducks swimming in lake charles
  • breathtaking landscaping adorns Walnut Grove
  • a variety of wildlife live in and around lake charles

Our conservation philosophy is one where efforts will be continual and evolve through each new generation, building upon the foundation of environmental stewardship as the keepers of our natural resources. The Walnut Grove Institute will facilitate protection for the community far into the future, for the next 100 years, so that what will be established today can be carried on and preserved through future generations.

Through our best management practices, the installation of our baffle box to protect sediment run off into Contraband Bayou, the replacement of damaged or destroyed species, along with future safeguards will allow for the environment of this community to prosper. These initiatives will promote the co-existing of man and nature as well as healthier lifestyles.

1575 West Sallier Street, Lake Charles, LA 70601 ~ 337-497-0825 ~ info@walnutgrove.cc

Walnut Grove