Welcome Home

Home is more than the place you rest your head at night, it’s the comfort and warmth you feel among neighbors. Walnut Grove celebrates the best things in life, but more importantly it brings people together. Our traditional neighborhood development seamlessly blends Louisiana architecture, modern amenities, and the natural landscape of our green spaces. Where business, shops, and restaurants are within walking distance of homes, creating a more connected community. This connectivity is the reason those who live, work, or simply visit here call Walnut Grove home.

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Walnut Grove is situated on a scenic spot along Contraband Bayou. While we welcome visitors and those who would like to take photos along the boardwalk and nearby lawn, we ask that you be respectful to those who call this peaceful community home.

The boardwalk and nearby Great Lawn are open from 9:00am until 6:00pm each day. Please park in designated parking areas and do not bock the street. Private residences and laws are private property and off limits.

If you would like to take photos, please call 337-497-0137 in advance to request permission and schedule a date and time. We ask that you limit your group to no more than 6 (plus photographer). In addition, glitter, confetti and other debris are strictly forbidden.

Phone: 337-497-0137 ~ Email: info@WalnutGrove.cc
Address: 1450 William Street, Lake Charles, LA 70601