Meet the Weeks Family!

Family Members:

Paul and Jessica, Harrison (6) and William (3)

Do you have any pets?

Right now, the boys just have a few fish, but this spring we hope to add a puppy to our family!

Where do you work?

Paul works as a project manager for Hunt, Guillot and Associates. The downtown office is a convenient 5 minute drive from Walnut Grove.

How long have you lived in Walnut Grove?

We will have been here for 3 years this September.

Why did you choose to make Walnut Grove your home?

We fell in love with the traditional architecture and the mixed use neighborhood plan. The deep porches, the sidewalks, and the public green spaces are so welcoming. We also enjoy the neighborhood’s commitment to the surrounding community, from the artists hosted in the Post Office to the various charity events hosted throughout the year. For us, the location is also perfect – close to work, schools, and downtown. We can’t wait to see new merchants and businesses move in as the area grows.

What is your favorite thing to do at Walnut Grove?

The boys enjoy meeting friends at Charleston Park after school. It’s great to have a safe, common area for them to play in, and so much more room to run than a typical backyard! We all look forward to the community events, like Groovin’ at the Grove.

What is your favorite place at Walnut Grove?

The boardwalk along the estuary is beautiful all year long. We love to walk there in the evenings and watch the birds, and the boys like to spot the turtles. Our own front porch at sunset is also pretty spectacular.

What is your family’s favorite hobby?

We enjoy taking family bike rides, in our neighborhood and also along the lakefront.